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  Mission Statement  

Our school’s mission statement is to develop literate and productive students in a caring environment. 


The vision of Sand Hill Elementary School is to enrich young lives through education.

  About The School  

Sand Hill Elementary

           Sand Hill Elementary is one of the oldest schools in Carroll County.  Sand Hill Elementary School serves the Pre-K through fifth grade students of the Villa Rica Cluster in the Carroll County School District.  Sand Hill Elementary was opened in 1841 with 11 students which is vastly different from the current enrollment of 740 students.  Our CCRPI school performance index score was 84.2.  There is a racial/ ethnic mix comprised of Whites (69%), Blacks (15%), Hispanics (10%), Multiracial (6%), and Asians (0%).  Currently, over 65% of the students participate in the federal free and reduced lunch program.  Students participate in a variety of educational programs including: regular education, special education (12%), ESOL (3%), EIP (28%), and gifted (7%).

Parent Transportation Search Link

Find My Bus link helps parents to find their child(ren) school bus stop location, bus number, and time. You will need to click on this link:

and then click on School/Transportation Search.