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Road Runners Club

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Road Runners Club

Road Runners is a running/fitness club here at Sand Hill. All 1st-5th grade students are invited to participate. Each participant will work to build his/her own running and endurance through relays, laps, and various activities. Also, throughout the year, students will have to opportunity to participate in various races/runs in the surrounding community. 


The membership fee is $20.00. For each additional sibling the cost is $15.00. The membership fee includes your Road Runner's T Shirt and material and equipment throughout the year.


Practices are held Wednesdays after school from 2:30-3:30. Please make arrangements to have your child picked up at the end of practice. If your child is riding home with someone else, please send a note with your child. If you arrive later than 3:45, we will send them to the After School Program. This program is $6 a day.


Our first practice is September 13, 2017. Runners must attend all practices, unless excused by a note. Only three unexcused absences are allowed for the entire season. A season is approximately September-November and February-May. The last practice for the first semester will be November  8, 2017. It is important that parents and students remember that Road Runners is a privilege and an honor,  so runners must maintain  both  academic  and behavioral  responsibilities in the classroom.


We will be sending home information about races throughout the school year. Races are not required. We encourage both parents and students to run as many races as possible, although we do require that all runners participate in a minimum of four races to receive a letter (like the ones on a high school letterman's jacket). At the end of the year, we will present the letters to the students at the Road Runners banquet. You may participate in any races, not only the ones we send home. Parents will need to provide transportation to and from races.