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The Kiwanis family Kiwanis International is a global organization of members who are dedicated to serving the children of the world. Kiwanis programs prepare people of all ages to be the most engaged members of their communities. And each is an opportunity to begin or continue a lifelong journey of service.

Who joins K-Kids? K-Kids club members are the leaders of tomorrow. And they're the energetic, dedicated kids of today. They're elementary school students, and something more- they're passionate about making a difference in their school, in their community and around the world. They're discovering their heart to serve, answering their call to lead and igniting the courage it takes to reach out to new friends. Caring is their way of iife. They step forward when others stand still. And because of that, their schools and communities grow stronger. Thanks to K-Kids. And thanks to people like you.


Why they need you You can help shape this generation of leaders-while helping students learn leadership skills through service. Your impact is both measurable and inspirational. Through a K-Kids club, you can:• Inspire students to believe in their ability to change the  world. •  Motivate students to succeed in and out of the classroom.•  Give kids their first real chance to lead an organization.• Generate a more caring and inclusive school climate.

Why it works There are nearly 1,500 K-Kids clubs in elementary schools around the world. In each of those clubs, members work together on service projects, develop leadership potential and build moral character. Their service also increases the visibility-and enhances the reputation-of both the club and the school or organization they represent. The program is designed to fit member and volunteer interests. • It's student-led. Each K-Kids club is uniquely built on an important principle: Amazing things happen when the students take the lead. • No two are alike. Working within a program designed specifically for elementary school students, each club is an independent entity designed for its members. • Your needs matter. Each club determines its own meeting schedule, service projects and other activities in order to fit the needs of advisors, members and sponsors.


This year Mrs. Christy Howell will be the advisor of the K-Kids club here at Sand Hill Elementary. This club is open to students from second to fifth grade. We will meet on the first and third Monday's every month. The meetings will last from 2:30-3:15. All students must be picked up by 3:30.