TOT stands for 


TOT stands for Teams of Tomorrow. This is a preschool basketball program that travels to elementary schools (Pre-K and Kindergarten) and daycares to teach children cooperation and sportsmanship through fun activities, while learning 25 basketball skills.
There’s always lots of giggles and smiles while the children are learning basketball tricks with brightly colored mini basketballs. 
They dribble standing up and sitting down, with alternate hands, and around their legs. 
Over the course of the year, the children learn 25 basketball skills and academic lessons, reinforcing what they learn in class. (We do units in shapes, colors, numbers(counting from 1-5 in Spanish and French), the five senses, and more!
The program runs from September to May. We follow the school calendar and classes meet once a week for 45 minutes, right after school is dismissed.
The goal of TOT is to promote physical fitness, developing their motor skills and coordination, and to prepare them to play sports.
**It has been proven that young children learn better during active play!
To sum it up: What goes on in a TOT class?
Bodies moving, minds focusing, and eyes shining!! Your child will be fully engaged mentally and physically!!

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